Broken Humorous Bone

Female Age 89

Client face planted outside of Taco Bell August 22, 2015, and broke her humorous bone in her right arm. Orthopedic Surgeon told her he would not do surgery because of her age. He also told her that her healing will be long and she will probably have limited use of her arm once it has healed.

I started treating her 2 days after she fell. I treated her every day for one week, and then treated her once a week for six weeks.

She would see her OS every 2 weeks and he could not believe how well she was healing. At 10 weeks she was pronounced completely healed with full use of her arm, and was back making homemade sweet rolls (her families favorite).

I continued treatments once a month, and still treat her!

In July 20, 2016 she fell in her kitchen, where her feet came out from underneath her, she landed on her hip and fell into the cabinet drawers.

That resulted in a small scrape on her arm, a small bruise around her eye and NO BROKEN BONES, NO CONCUSSION, NOTHING!! She had just turned 90 earlier that month.

Parkinson Disease

Name: Male Age: 92

Developed Parkinson’s 20 years ago. His shaking was strongest in his right foot, both hands and upper body. He had to drive with his left foot because he could not maintain a constant speed of the car. His hands shook continually. He had to use a straw to drink because the shaking was so extreme. He is taking 4 Stelevo to combat the shaking. He has dementia that has continued getting worse over the past 5 years. He would need constant reminders of conversations, appointments and every day events. After the first session the shaking in his right foot immediately stopped. After the second scan he reduced his medication from 4 to 3 daily and the shaking in his hands and feet is down to a minimum. After the third treatment he his walking outside with a cane, has walked around the driveway island multiple times. He as mentioned how well he is starting to feel. His dementia has lessened in degree he is remembering things without having to be reminded. He also no longer needs to use a straw to drink. His daughter in law says he is nicer and easier to deal with.


  (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy)

Client: Male  Age: 81

Client developed CIDP Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy approximately 10 years ago. The doctors have no known cause, no cure, or how to treat it. It happens in 1 in 100,000. The doctors treated it as an auto-immune disease with IVIG (IV) treatments. The client felt the IVIG treatments kept him walking, 1 ½ years ago they felt the IV treatments were not helping like before and decided to quit the IV treatments all together and treat with NES. They also knew that stopping the IV treatments; he would be in a wheelchair in 3 months. His wife also feels he has a mental block, since the doctors have told him no cure-he has accepted that! When I first started treating him, when he would walk he was shuffling his feet (not picking them up at all) and has had quite a few falls. He has no feeling in his both feet and hands.  Regarding Treatments I have followed the scans switching between basic and advanced protocols, Using ER’s and infoceuticals every 2-3 weeks since June of 2015.  As of November 2016,

He is still WALKING (he uses a walker for balance) and has not fallen, can get up and down out of his chair by himself. He picks up his feet when he walks. Uses the bathroom by himself, he still reads his book and uses his hands to turn each individual page. He is mentally clearer.


Client: Male Age: 86

He had a severe stroke in 1993 on the left side of the brain which has caused him to lose his speech and the use of his right side. He is confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak. After the first scan he was sleeping better, he expressed to his daughter in his own communication with her that he is feeling better. After the second treatment he communicated with her that FEELING has returned to the right side of his face, the back of his head and down to his elbow on his right arm. He was a lot more alert and happy during the second treatment then he was during his first. He completely understands the scan and what I am doing to help him.

Leggperthes Disease

 Name: (Toy Poodle)   Age: 13 Years

At 8 month was diagnosed with leggperthes disease which is a disintegration of the hip joint. It involves spontaneous degeneration of the head on the femur bone, located in the dog’s hind leg. This results in the disintegration of the hip joint and bone and joint inflammation.

This has affected her left hind leg/hip, she is unable to use her leg or unable to put any weight on it. She would sleep most of the day due to lack of energy.  After this treatment she is beginning to use her left hind leg-bearing weight on it and having lots and lots of energy. She would go outside do her business and come right back in, now she runs around with the other dog Molly (2 yr. old Malshi). When it was time to go back into the house, Shadow beat Molly back to the house!!!She plays just like a puppy.After another treatment-same protocol as above

She is now using her hind legs to push off and jump!