Those That FOLLOW are BLIND to What They Can Truly Become

New Hope Lodge

A Place Where You Can STAY, LEARN & HEAL ​

Those who have reached a dead end in their search to feel better.

Those who desire to have OPTIONS and a VOICE  on how they see their Personal Path to Wellness Unfolding.

Those who are looking for a PREVENTATIVE option in their healing.

Those who want to Move Forward and find their Freedom.

 Your Path Forward has a Humanitarian Basis and is an EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS REVOLUTION!

My objective is to mentor and support each client as they heal, working together to reclaim control over their health.

 Promoting education and growth by fostering a honest, open relationships with individuals, I will offer a healing embrace of positive change.               I will strive to ensure each client not only better health, but the tools to maintain it.

  • A place of learning as well as healing,clients cannot only Heal from what truly ails them, but will learn the true cause of their illness and how to prevent it in the future.
  • A place that looks at every aspect of what effects true health.
  • A place of peace and calm, away from the hectic lifestyle we are drowning in.
  • A place where YOU get to make the decisions on how you want to heal.
  • A place where YOU can focus on getting well without worry about how to pay for it.
  • A place where you identify toxins and how to deal with them.
  • A place where you learn about food that heals and how to cook them.

Therapies: Exclusive, Unique,Individualized    (for a list of therapies please visit our therapy page)

 Vegetable Garden on site, Flower Gardens located though out the property,  Meditation & Zen Garden for peace and tranquility 

Lodge: 20 Acres - To be one with nature while having the space to house everything we need

Lodging Rooms - Separate housing for those individuals on their healing journey

Kitchen & Dining Rom - Good nutritional  meals fixed fresh daily, Cooking Classes, Nutrition Classes

 Gym - Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Tai Chi Classes

 Pool-Swimming: Therapeutic and Fun

Walking & Biking Trails

Pond for Fishing, Kayaking, Canoeing

Classes - Music - Singing & Dancing,   Art - Painting & Drawing

Non-Profit - You shouldn't have to worry about money in order to get healthy

In today's society, it is imperative that we offer those that are struggling...

 A CHOICE on how they want to get better. 

 A VOICE on what they feel is in THEIR best interest.

 Healing on Their Own Terms.

In loving memory of Harry, Caroline, & Michael Gallmeier, Ron Reese Sr,, and Dr Clete Vonderwell